Dental Hygiene Treatments

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Dental hygiene treatments Canterbury

SS Cosmetic Dentistry is able to provide professional dental hygiene treatments from our clinic in Canterbury city centre. 

We specialise in professional teeth cleaning and polishing, providing advice on how to look after your teeth and gums to prevent dental decay and gum disease.

Regular professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, combined with looking after your teeth and gums properly at home, will help keep your mouth healthy. 

We are open to everyone looking for dental hygiene treatment, you do not have to be registered with a dentist to make an appointment with us.

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Cosmetic clean

Removal of all tartar, plaque and heavy staining right up to the gum level. Polish of the customers choice to finish. 

15 mins

Deep clean

A cosmetic clean but extended to access even under the gums, for a thorough finish. Removes calculus from even the most inaccessible areas, requiring local anaesthetic if necessary. Polish of customers choice to finish. 

25 mins


Special Services

The Stain Clean

Ideal for: people who like their red wine, tea, coffee, turmeric, beetroot and any other food/drink that may contain tannins and staining agents. 

30 mins

The Teen Clean

Cleaning for those who have retainers and braces-to access those areas you simply cannot access at home. 

25 mins

The Nicotine Clean

Ideal for smokers not happy with any stains that show up on their teeth. 


25 mins

The Mouth MOT

For all those individuals with bridgework/crowns veneers or even multiple fillings for whom cleaning at home proves to be simply ineffective.

30 mins

Extensive clean

Our most thorough cleaning option. For our ultimate level of cleaning. tartar/plaque/stain removal, calculus eradicated. Under local anaesthetic if required. Whitening paste and then your choice of bubblegum or mint mouthwash available to finish with.

40 mins

The Kids Clean

For under 16's


15 mins

Dental Treatments

Dental Examination
Root Canal

Exploration                         £100

Incisor and canine             £150

Premolar                             £250

Molar                                   £300

Emergency Consultation
£50 + additional treatment fees

Molar                            £120

Non-Molar                   £110

Dental Implants

Call to discuss your needs with our Implant Specialist