What is the Enlighten teeth whitening system?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We understand the importance of a whiter smile. Today, teeth whitening is a hugely popular cosmetic dental treatment. If you’re considering teeth whitening, you want a system that provides the best results as safely as possible. And we know just the treatment…

Why choose Enlighten teeth whitening?

Enlighten teeth whitening is one of the best treatments on the market, and we’re confident in the results it gives you. It’s perfect for those patients who want to achieve guaranteed results and a beautiful, bright smile.

A full Enlighten treatment takes around two weeks. Your expert cosmetic dentist, Dr Arjuna will give you more clarity on times in your initial appointment. We’re also pleased to say the Enlighten treatment also guarantees a B1 shade for up to 98% of cases.

How does Enlighten teeth whitening work?

Firstly, Enlighten is a treatment, not a product, and begins with a visit to Dr Arjuna for an assessment. Following your initial consultation, you’ll be given your treatment kit, which you’ll take away with you.

Over your agreed course of treatment (usually two weeks), you’ll wear our custom-made Enlighten whitening trays at home and gradually whiten your teeth. These trays look similar to mouth guards and they are shaped to fit your mouth, so you should find them very comfortable, although most people wear them overnight.

When you’ve finished the treatment, you’ll have a final visit with Dr Arjuna so he can check up on your results.

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