Why do I need to see my dentist regularly?

We all know it's important to go to the dentist regularly, but do we really all know why it’s important?

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your dental health, and there are plenty more reasons why you should maintain regular visits to your dental practice.

Here’s why: 1. Teeth Cleaning

Good oral hygiene will save you money and save your teeth. No matter how thorough you are with your own cleaning, over time there will be some build-up of plaque and tartar from natural bacteria and the minerals in your saliva. Professional teeth cleaning can remove this, keeping your teeth looking and feeling clean for much longer.

2. Your dentist can spot potential problems earlier

Dentists not only solve problems, but they can prevent them. Your dentist can spot potential problems, like the early onset of gum disease and dental tooth decay. Seeing your dentist regularly means a higher chance of spotting issues sooner and before they become a bigger problem.

3. Dentists will check for mouth cancer

This is one of the most important things your dentist will do at every single check-up. They do this by checking for any lumps on your head or neck, along with any red or white patches in the mouth. Most of the time, these issues are harmless but they could potentially save your life.

4. Your dentist can give you advice

Your dentist has trained for years to be qualified and visiting your dentist regularly will build a good relationship. The better they get to know you means that they will tailor their advice to you. So when it comes to advice on whitening, straightening and general health, you’ll be in great hands.

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Maintaining regular appointments with a dental hygienist completes your overall dental hygiene routine. Call us and book your next teeth cleaning appointment at our Canterbury SS Cosmetic Dentistry Practice on 01227 464603.

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