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SS Smile Makeover

Our SS Smile Makeover is one of our most popular treatments at Canterbury SS Cosmetic Dentistry. 

SS Smile Makeovers by Harley Street trained Dr Arjuna, are the affordable, convenient and time-saving alternative to braces and veneers.


The perfect smile boosts your confidence and makes you feel good. SS Smile Makeovers are the affordable, convenient and time-saving alternative to braces and veneers.

Get in touch for a consultation to plan your perfect Smile journey today. 

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What is an SS Smile Makeover?

You might be familiar with the more technical term for SS Smile Makeovers – composite smile makeovers. The process involves adding a tooth-coloured substance called composite resin to the visible surfaces of the front teeth. Composite resin can be applied to both the top and bottom teeth.

What does an SS Smile Makeover fix?

There’s no substitute for flashing a perfect set of pearly whites. SS Smile Makeovers are ideal for patients with good dental health and relatively straight teeth. It helps improve:


  • Tooth colour – if you drink red wine, tea or coffee, or have naturally more yellow teeth, an SS Smile Makeover will instantly rectify the colour of your teeth without the need for teeth whitening treatments that can leave you teeth feeling sensitive. 

  • Contouring – if you dislike the general shape of your teeth, SS Smile Makeovers cover up and improve the appearance without the need for braces or more invasive procedures.  

  • Teeth alignment – if you have slightly crooked teeth, SS Smile Makeovers are an easier and more comfortable alternative to braces.

What’s the SS Smile Makeover process?
  1. First, we’ll arrange a consultation to ensure that your teeth and gums are fit for you SS Smile Makeover. Your dentist will assess your teeth, make a mould and show you a model of your perfect smile before booking your appointment for treatment to go ahead.

  2. Book your appointment. We’ll need half a day to get your SS Smile Makeover done.

  3. On the day of your treatment, we’ll go ahead with your makeover. We’ll do X and Y. The good news is that you won’t need anaesthetic.

  4. We always get you back for a check-up to review your smile. After a couple of weeks, your gums will have settled and we’ll get the best view of your new smile.

  5. And that’s it! Smile and show the world your gorgeous new teeth.

"Truly amazing from initial consultation to final work done. With a good, friendly and professional service. I was initially looking into going abroad for this service but when you research into the methods used and the effects plus the price; compared to the method SS uses the final results and also the incredible value you get. I would no longer think of having it done anywhere else but here.

My veneers are truly amazing and have changed my life. I would fully recommend SS Hygiene and aesthetics to anybody who is looking for this type of thing. A big thank you to SS who has helped me achieve my perfect smile. I couldn’t be happier".

- Seb